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Name: Unit: Title: Email: Phone:
Abbott, Jennifer Graduate Studies Executive Secretary Contact (517) 353-4823
Achebe, Nwando Office of the Dean Faculty Excellence Advocate Contact (517) 353-6783
Allison, Sara Research Administrative Business Professional Contact (517) 432-0860
Arbogast, Jenn Social Science Scholars Program Academic Specialist Contact (517) 353-3898
Arbogast, Alan Geography Chair Contact (517) 355-5262
Bacon, Annette Human Resources and Labor Relations Assistant to the Director Contact (517) 355-1801
Bigelow, Francoise Psychology Advisor Contact (517) 353-7271
Boling, Melodie External Relations Associate Director of Development Contact (517) 432-1802
Brown, Claudia Geography Business Manager & Office Supervisor Contact (517) 355-4651
Bulock, Terri Criminal Justice Administrative Assistant Contact (517) 355-2195
Burns, Rhonda Political Science Administrative Assistant and Supervisor Contact (517) 355-6592
Clark, Walter Sociology Office Supervisor Contact 517-353-1871
Cleary, Linda Michigan Political Leadership Program Administrator Contact (517) 353-0891
Connelly, Michael Academic and Student Affairs Assistant Dean, Student Affairs Contact (517) 355-6676
Cooke, Bill Human Resources and Labor Relations Director Contact (517) 355-1801
Croson, Rachel Office of the Dean Dean Contact (517) 355-6675
Curtis, Janelle School of Planning, Design & Construction Office Coordinator Contact (517) 353-9606
Davis, Shannon Budget and Personnel Unit Human Resources Administrator Contact (517) 353-5085
Davis, S. Renee Academic and Student Affairs Administrative Assistant Contact (517) 432-3598
Dean, Sandi Economics Undergraduate Advisor Contact (517) 355-4465
Deitrickson, Amy Career Services Academic Specialist, Career Services Contact (517) 432-3598
Dixon, Sue-bunch External Relations Administrative Assistant Contact (517) 884-9489
Donnellan, Brent Psychology Chair Contact 517-355-4599
Durkee, Sue Global Urban Studies Administrative Assistant Contact (517) 353-8540
Eaton, Monaca Social Work Undergraduate Advisor Contact (517) 432-3734
Egan, Brian Political Science Advisor Contact (517) 432-1125
Elder, Carey Economics Undergraduate Advisor Contact (517) 355-7719
Ericksen, Jeff Center for Integrative Studies Director Contact (517) 432-9978
Evarian, Jane School of Criminal Justice Academic Specialist, Strategic Initiatives Contact (517) 353-5272
Farr, Helen Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID) Secretary Contact (517) 353-8570
Feight, Belén Economics Fiscal Officer Contact (517) 355-7443
Feight, Jay Economics Receptionist Contact (517) 355-7583
Feng, Yali Center for Global Change and Earth Observations Coordinator of Global Partnerships Contact (517) 432-0746
Fine, Lisa History Chair Contact 517-355-7500
Finn, Mary Criminal Justice Director Contact (517) 355-2192
Foster, Cathy External Relations Associate Director of Development Contact (517) 353-8569
Fusco, Eric Psychology Administrative Assistant Contact (517) 432-4570
Gisholt, Nicolas Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor Contact (517) 432-2212
Glew, Rob Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID) Director Contact (517) 353-4818
Graebert, Mary Beth School of Planning, Design and Construction Administrative Associate Contact (517) 353-5274
Gray, Nancy Social Work Administrative Assistant Contact (517) 353-8632
Grossmann, Matthew Institute for Public Policy and Social Research Director Contact (517) 355-6672
Guinot-Talbot, Amanda Human Development & Family Studies Advisor Contact (517) 355-7680
Halbedel, Shannon Student Success Director Contact (517) 432-8745
Han, Jinny Economics Undergraduate Advisor Contact (517) 432-2257
Handspike, Sarah Psychology Coordinator of Advising and Undergraduate Services Contact (517) 353-7271
Hawkins, Veda Student Affairs Assistant Director, Student Affairs Contact 517-355-6676
Hawthorne, Walter College of Social Science/Dean's Office Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, & Professor of History Contact 517-432-3598
Heberer, Marcy Enironmental Science and Policy Programm (ESPP) Executive Secretary Contact (517) 432-8296
Heeg, Sara Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Business Manager Contact (517) 432-2204