Behind the Cultural Veil

Apr 23rd 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Hannah Community Center - 819 Abbot Rd

South Asian Women's Association of Greater Lansing (SAWA), previously known as the Indian Women's Association, that was first formed in 1992 and restructured to its current form in 2015 when we expanded our outreach to include all those of South Asian origin including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Maldives, and their families. Since its creation, SAWA has worked with a number of South Asian families in need of services (legal, social, counseling, career guidance, cultural competencies, employment readiness, English as second language, assistance with navigating the healthcare system, and other) through advocacy, legal services, referral and warm hand offs to other resources in the community, and financial and instrumental assistance.

This year SAWA's annual awareness and outreach event, "Behind the Cultural Veil" is an attempt to draw our collective attention to critical issues facing women of South Asian origin today, while simultaneously allowing us to enjoy a small piece of the South Asian cultural experience. The main event of the evening 'Yoni Ki Baat' a variation on the concept of the vagina monologues, will be presented by a prominent South Asian Theatre group called 'Ekjut', and will touch upon various gendered issues across the developmental lifespan of South Asian women. Light appetizers and horsd'oeuvres will be served.