Criminal Justice

Criminal justice professionals today have taken a key role in researching, designing and implementing systems of crime control and prevention. Understanding crime is a highly scientific process and only those with rigorous training and education can be the best of the best.

The School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University is the nation’s oldest continuous degree-granting program in criminal justice. With pioneering research, undergraduate and graduate education, and collaboration with criminal justice agencies, private firms, and communities, MSU has been a leader in criminal justice scholarship since 1935. Today the school focuses on issues of crime and security including identity theft and computer security, DNA technology, international crime and security, school safety, domestic violence and the challenges facing an increasingly diverse society.

A leader in innovative teaching, the School of Criminal Justice remains thoroughly engaged in the crucial issues facing state and local communities through community policing, strategic problem solving, crime analysis, evaluation research and basic research on a variety of criminal justice issues. It is at the forefront of working collaboratively to solve problems for local and global communities, and graduates hold important positions in every branch of government and throughout the private sector.

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