Economic issues drive our society. Not only are daily life choices influenced by economics, but social systems on a large scale are also highly influenced by economic factors. Issues of production, distribution, and consumption are relevant in every facet of society. The study of economics is one of the most practical and adaptable disciplines, and those who focus on it gain a broad skill-set that can be utilized in a wide variety of settings both professionally and personally.

The mission of the Department of Economics at Michigan State University consists of three interrelated components: providing the highest quality instruction to undergraduate and graduate students, conducting leading-edge research in economics, and providing leadership and service to professional communities. With numerous nationally and internationally known scholars among its faculty, it is a mission proudly achieved on a regular basis.

Students benefit from a strong faculty, and so too, ultimately, does the rest of the world. The fundamental analytical skills taught in the department are valued in a variety of fields, and graduates pursue careers in business, public policy and government, and consulting. Many economics students continue their education in Ph.D. programs, law school, and business school. In short, the Department of Economics produces many of the world’s future movers and shakers.

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