Geography, Environment,
and Spatial Sciences

Geography is more than learning the names of each state or which way is North. Geography is about space, place, and environment and how people interact with all of those things. Geographers understand, perhaps more than anyone else, how humans shape and react to the natural world around them.

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University has engaged and active faculty, graduate students and undergraduate majors researching topics such as people-environment relationships, climate, geographic information science, soils-geomorphology, urban structure, and global change. The spatial extent of these research interests range from local to global in such places as Kenya, Brazil, the Great Lakes, China, and Michigan.

The study of geography at MSU generates and transmits knowledge and theory associated with spatial systems, both human and physical, the interrelationship among those systems, and the methods and technologies by which those systems are studied.  We are committed to the generation and transmission of geographic knowledge in the rich and varied forms they assume among the faculty in the interweaving web of geographic science.  We integrate geography research, teaching, outreach, and service in a manner relevant to real-world and theoretical problems and strive for excellence in those pursuits.

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