Global and Area Studies

The study of urban areas is vital during this period of global change. The world is more urban than in any other era in human history, and with this rapid urbanization has come the crucial role of cities.  Urban areas are sites of economic development, tests of social responsibility, and places where culture is reimagined.

The Global and Area Studies Program (GLAS) increases knowledge about processes, policies, and issues in urban areas across the world, emphasizing global processes that impact and unite urban areas.  In the tradition of MSU as a place of problem-solvers, the program also endeavors to improve urban conditions though rigorous graduate education and innovative interdisciplinary research.

GLAS strives to serve as a center at MSU for collaboration, dissemination, debate, and awareness of urban issues in a comparative context and the impact of globalization on communities.  In addition, by providing quality graduate education to students, they are enabled to engage in careers that increase or apply knowledge to improve urban communities nationally and internationally. GLAS allows students to be part of an innovative field of study in which their work in the classroom links directly to real world experiences in cities around the globe.

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