The study of history examines the past in order to find how we came to be what we are today and what we will become in the future. Historians have the acute ability to see how societies change or stay static over periods of time.

The Department of History at Michigan State University is a large, vibrant intellectual community. The faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, alumni and friends of History are actively engaged in an enormous range of activities involving research, publishing, teaching, learning, and public outreach.

Areas of study include all major regions of the world in all periods as well as transregional and comparative areas such as comparative black history, international labor and working class history, the history of migration, and the history of women and gender. As the home of the study of peoples and cultures from the earliest human civilizations to the present, the Department of History prepares students to think critically, research thoroughly, and apply their knowledge in a wide variety of fields

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