Political Science

The study of politics is one of the oldest educational disciplines, with its roots in the ancient studies of Aristotle and Plato. Today’s political studies involve rigorous scientific attempts to understand global issues and human behavior. Political science turns students into knowledgeable citizens and prepares them not only for employment but also for life.

The Department of Political Science at Michigan State University seeks to describe and analyze political institutions and processes.  The department is divided into subfields in American politics, international relations, comparative politics, public policy, and political thought.  The education of students at both the undergraduate and graduate level about political concepts, theories, and methods is the primary goal.

Scholarly research also holds a special role in the intellectual life of the department which maintains a long-standing emphasis on research productivity.  The high caliber and hard work of its faculty has earned the department some of the highest comparative rankings within the university on a number of national rankings and assessments. With activities such as study abroad and study away programs, workshops, conferences and guest lectures as value-added features of the curriculum, the Department of Political Science prepares students for vibrant careers and advanced studies.

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