Psychology is the study of human and mental processes and behavior. It is a biological and social science, a scholarly discipline, and a profession. Psychologists use many different methods and procedures to study mental processes and behavior and apply their skills to a wide variety of careers. Yet a common thread among psychology students and professionals is a never ending thirst to find out how the human mind works and a dedication to solving human societal problems. 

The Department of Psychology at Michigan State University is a dynamic unit with over 50 faculty at the forefront of psychology research. Their expertise in the sub-disciplines of Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience, Ecological/Community Psychology, Organizational Psychology, and Social/Personality Psychology, as well as research across psychology disciplines and outside the field, is pivotal to the success of students. 

Given that psychology is a very diverse discipline, ranging from the neuroscientist who studies neural control of behavior to the organizational psychologist who studies human interactions in organizations, a goal of the undergraduate program in psychology is to introduce students to different specialties which then allows them to explore how psychologists study behavior and mental activity. Students can then learn to formulate and test theories using research and statistical methods in an effort to understand, predict, and influence behavior.

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