Infancy and Early Childhood

A graduate specialization in Infancy and Early Childhood is designed to prepare students to develop, implement, and evaluate research, clinical service, and educational programming directed at optimal development of very young children and their families. Study within the specialization enhances students’ knowledge about infant and early childhood development from diverse disciplines and increases their awareness of clinical, educational, and social policy issues related to early human development.

Students participating in the specialization program:

  • earn a comprehensive and contemporary academic experience in the field of infancy and early childhood development;
  • gain awareness of their professional obligations and responsibilities in working with very young children;
  • participate in an intellectual environment that fosters the growth of research and teaching in the area of human infancy and early childhood development, and develop an awareness of clinical, educational, and social policy issues related to early human development;
  • help increase public awareness of the critical importance of the early years of human development.

The specialization is available to students who are enrolled in master's and doctoral degree programs in the departments of Anthropology, Audiology and Speech Sciences; Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Family and Child Ecology; Food Science and Human Nutrition; Kinesiology; Psychology and Sociology, in the Educational Specialist degree program in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education; in the Master of Social Work degree programs in the School of Social Work; in the Master of Science in Nursing degree program in the College of Nursing; and in the graduate-professional degree programs in the College of Human Medicine and the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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