Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Center

The Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP) is the first and preeminent academic body focusing upon the complex global issues of anti-counterfeiting and product protection of all products, across all industries, in all markets on strategies to work effectively to detect, deter, and respond to the crime.

Brand owners, government agencies, professional associations, and others all share in the challenge of responding to counterfeit goods and product protection issues. A-CAPP is an independent, interdisciplinary evidence-based hub, offering research, educational programs, information, and partnership opportunities designed to assist in protecting brands and products of all industries worldwide.

Described by the FBI as the crime of the 21st century, product counterfeiting accounts for an estimated $600 billion in global trade and wreaks dire global health, safety and economic consequences on individuals, corporations, government and society. Through the A-CAPP and its partners, you will find information designed to help you navigate the strategic, technological, legislative, and legal challenges of anti-counterfeiting and product protection programs.

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