Credit for Your Internship (SSC 493)



SSC 493 Social Science Internship: Methods and concepts from social and behavioral sciences applied in career-related settings.

Once you have secured an internship, or even if you still need assistance finding one, our office can be a resource!

Course instructors serve as liaisons between enrolled students and their internship site. If students experience issues or have concerns involving their internship, they should not hesitate to contact us. We are prepared to communicate with the internship site to come to a resolution.

Internship Definition

Michigan State University’s College of Social Science – Office for Experiential Learning defines an internship as a an academic, credit-bearing professional development experience that integrates critical self-reflection and career related responsibilities into an undergraduate education program through participation in planned, supervised and evaluated professional and academic work. The student intern benefits by acquiring knowledge and honing skills related to their academic or career goals; and the internship organization benefits from the growth and work of student interns. 

Basic Course Information

  • Students do NOT need to be a College of Social Science student to enroll in SSC 493
  • Requires College-level approval before student is enrolled
  • 2.5 minimum GPA and Academic Advisor approval
  • Pass/No Grade course
  • Variable credits offered, 3-12
  • Each credit earned requires three hours of work per week for the duration of the semester. Example, a 3 credit internship requires 135 total hours to be completed (9 hrs per week x 15 weeks = 135) *please click on FAQs for the chart*
  • On-line D2L course assignments
  • FAQs

How to Apply

Note: you MUST have an internship already to apply for credit

  1. Meet with your advisor to ensure that the credits will count towards your degree requirements
  2. Fill out the application here (Select "SSC493 - Social Science Internship Course")
  3. After completing the application, we will send an Advisor Confirmation Form to your advisor and a Supervisor Training Agreement to your supervisor. If your advisor or supervisor do not receive these forms please let us know at sscstudy(at)
  4. Once all forms (application, advisor, and supervisor) have been received, we will enroll you in SSC 493. You do NOT enroll yourself in the course



Fall Semester - September 17

Spring Semester - January 25

Full Summer Semester - May 30

Second Summer Session- July 6

Note: extenuating circumstances are taken under consideration for late applications, please contact our office with questions

Students are responsible for all tuition and enrollment deadlines set by the Office of The Registrar, found here


For more information, contact:

Cristian Alejandro Lambaren (CAL) Sanchez
College of Social Science Office for Experiential Learning
Berkey Hall 201
Phone: 517-353-0780