In today’s competitive global economy it is essential that students prepare themselves to be marketable upon graduation. Internships can be an important part of a comprehensive educational and career plan. 91% of employers think that students should have between one and two internships before graduating, according to the Millennial Branding survey.


Internships provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience in supervised settings where they can explore career choices early, test classroom theory, establish professional contacts, build self-confidence, and gain a wide range of work-related skills. Employers and graduate schools examine transcripts and résumés for evidence of “experiential learning” or experience beyond the classroom.

The College of Social Science offers internship opportunities in a variety of settings including Study Away programs within the United States.  Students will experience working and living in unique U.S. cities such as Washington, DC, New Orleans, Honolulu and San Francisco while earning credits needed to graduate. 

The College partners with the Office of Study Abroad and other Colleges in offering a wide range of opportunities to participate in International internships in locations such as Paris, Sydney and Cape Town.  Visit the International Internships page for more information.

Students participating in independent internships within the U.S. that are related to their academic or career goals can earn credit in a Social Science Internship course. See the Domestic Internships page for more information about SSC 493 course eligibility.

We hope that you will consider one or two of these opportunities during your undergraduate years at Michigan State University.

For more information, contact:
Office of Study Abroad, Study Away and Internships
221 Berkey Hall
Phone: 517-432-4541
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