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The College of Social Science is a leader in Michigan State University Study Away Programs, providing study and internship experiences to hundreds of students each year in cities such as Washington, DC, Detroit, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Flint. These experiences are important to our students, and you can learn more about them by reading the profile below. 

FLT US18 Perry


College of Social Science

Flint Summer Internship Program Student Profile 


Myeasha Perry interned for Whaley Children's Center in Flint, MI during summer 2018. Her primary responsibilities included solidifying events and speakers for an independent living program, as well as brainstorming other activities to go with this curriculum.

A highlight of the internship for Myeasha was watching one of the Independent Living students leave to his next step in life. Though it was tough to see him leave, she was excited that he was finally achieving one of his goals.

According to Perry, "experiences like these at Whaley Children’s Center give you background knowledge in your field. Even if the internship is not exactly what you want to do in the future it gives you well rounded perspective of professionalism, socializing in the workplace, time management, and adjusting."

Her advice to future interns is to be really be patient in non profits -- there are a lot of pieces that go into making the company function smoothly.