Study Away FAQ

Study Away Programs Informational Meetings

 Detroit InnovateGov Informational Meetings

Tuesday, January 30th at 5pm in Berkey Hall, Room  217
Monday, February 5th at 5pm in Case Hall, Room 339
Friday, February 9th at 5pm in Berkey Hall, Room 213
Washington, DC Summer Internship Informational Meeting
No meetings scheduled at this time
Scholarship Workshop
Wednesday, February 7th
5pm in Berkey Hall, Room 216

If you are unable to attend a meeting or there are no meetings currently scheduled, we invite you to schedule a meeting with a program coordinator.


Where can I get the application?
Here is the online application: STUDY AWAY PROGRAMS APPLICATION
Is there a GPA requirement?
No, but 2.5 is recommended. If your GPA is lower than 2.5, be prepared to discuss your academic record during the program interview. Applicant may consider submitting a letter of explanation with the application.
What if I don’t know what semester I want to go?
Select the nearest deadline for now and we can determine the definite semester later. 
When is the deposit charged to my student account?
After you are admitted into the program the deposit is billed through Student Accounts.
How long should the essay be?
One page, double-spaced (300 words or less). Please put your name on it.
For the essay, what if I don’t know my internship interest?
This is a very important part of the selection process, so please discuss any ideas that you have. 
What if my resume is more than one page?
It is recommended that you work with Career Services to get your resume prepared for submission to internships sites on one page.  Visit for information on Resume workshops and Career Advising appointments.
If you have any additional questions not addressed in this list, feel free to email your inquiry to SSCStudy(at)