Social Science Scholars Program

Study Abroad

Faculty and Alumni Involvement

Experience a world-class MSU education. If you are deeply interested in current issues and have a thirst for the kind of knowledge that will allow you to make a real and positive global difference, our world-class Social Science Scholars Program is right for you. 

Graduate with exceptional opportunities. As a Social Science Scholar, you’ll be prepared for a wide variety of high-profile careers in the public or private sectors and for advanced degree programs at the nation’s best universities. You’ll also be well placed to secure prestigious internships across the country. And you’ll graduate with the skills, experiences and maturity that will set you apart from the overwhelming majority of students from any campus.

Enjoy exclusive educational advantages. As part of a select group of Social Science Scholars, you’ll benefit from MSU faculty, alumni and staff who are fully invested in your future success as a dynamic leader, reasoned thinker, and proud ambassador for MSU. Consider these exclusive benefits:

  • Small group engagement. Your cohort will be a small group of like-minded, serious students who will benefit from a large, tier 1 university.
  • Mentors. Our finest College of Social Science faculty along with highly successful MSU alumni will serve as your mentors.
  • Internships. You’ll have opportunities to experience outstanding internships.
  • Student community. You’ll belong to a highly select and close-knit student community that shares your passion for social and political issues.
  • Employment. You’ll develop excellent research and analytical skills that employers demand.
  • Professional network. You’ll build strong professional connections through off-campus study and internship programs.
  • Freshman publication. During your first year, you’ll co-author a book chapter.
  • Service Learning. You’ll engage in service-focused, community-based learning opportunities building personal and professional development and civic responsibility.
  • Study Abroad. You’ll spend several weeks doing research overseas.
  • Scholarships. Assigned based on ability and financial need.  Courtesy of the generosity of MSU alumni.