Help Rooms Schedule


SOC 100

Spring 2018: January 16 - April 27th

Free academic support is available to all students in this course.

See PAL Miguel Chene for additional information.


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36 Union 4-4:45pm SOC 100
Study Session
G31 Hubbard
6-6:45pm   SOC 100
Study Session
3rd Floor Library - West Wing
6pm-9pm  Office Hours  

*All Help Rooms will be closed on University Holidays and during Winter and Spring breaks.


About your PAL....

Miguel Chene

SOC 100 Spring 2018

Miguel Chene_sm.jpg

Hometown: Clawson, MI

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish

Year: Junior

About me: I am a huge sports fan, NFL specifically. My favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. I also love playing PC /Xbox video games and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy reading and exploring!

Study Tip: I would highly recommend attending help rooms and office hours, most of the time the helpers there have already gone through what you're going through and are there to make sure you succeed!

What contributes to success at Michigan State: I feel as though the inclusive and diverse community really helps elevate the work ethic around campus, everyone is pushing each other to become better students, friends, and colleagues.

Any superpower: If I could have any superpower, I think it would be the ability to teleport without limitation. That way I could teleport to different dimensions and/or across the world in a second! I would also need to have the capability to take people with me through the port.