Help Rooms Schedule


SOC 100

Fall 2017: September 11 - December 7

Free academic support is available to all students in this course.

See PAL Desiree Bennett for additional information.


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36 Union 3-3:45pm   SOC 100
Study Session
G32 Hubbard
6-6:45pm   SOC 100
Study Session
3rd Floor Library - West Wing
2:30-5:30pm       SOC 100
Office Hours

*All Help Rooms will be closed on University Holidays and during Winter and Spring breaks.


About your PAL...

Desiree Bennett_sm.jpgDesiree Bennett
SOC 100, Fall 2017

Hometown: Round Lake Heights, IL

Major: Psychology with a minor in Integrative Learning

Year: Junior

About me: I am an aspiring family psychologist who loves to sing, read, and watch movies and TV shows - a lot of movies and TV shows.

What is one study tip that you would recommend to students? I suggest studying in increments of either 20 or 40 minutes, with a 10 to 20 minute break. Don't overwork yourself; self care is most important.

What contributes to success at Michigan State? Using the multitude of resources the school offers! Help rooms, study groups etc. They really help!

Favorite quote? "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." I like this quote because it inspires me to try new things that aid in personal growth. You can't go far in life if you're living in a bubble.