Neighborhood Student Affairs Offices

Academic student affairs offices in the neighborhoods at MSU are responsible for maintaining the academic records and monitoring the academic progress of the students assigned to them. Deans’ office assignment is determined by the following criteria:

Freshman (fewer than 28 credits) students are assigned to the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC) formerly known as the Undergraduate University Division (UUD)

Assignment is determined by where you live, as follows:

Brody Neighborhood
Brody Engagement Center
160 Brody Hall
Telephone: (517) 353-3863
Open academic year

North\Union Neighborhood
Union Engagement Center
200 Union Building
Telephone: (517) 884-4050
Open academic year

East Neighborhood
Hubbard Engagement Center
C130 Hubbard Hall
Telephone: (517) 884-3501
Open academic year

River Trail\McDonel Neighborhood
McDonel Engagement Center
C101 McDonel Hall
Telephone: (517) 884-4080
Open academic year

South Neighborhood
Holden Engagement Center
Holden Hall
Telephone: (517) 884-6680
Open academic year