Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month

Nanibah Chacon’s mural “Maawed Miijim: The One Who Provides” in Lansing, Michigan, depicts the act of wild strawberry picking, sacred to the Anishinaabe. Chacon, Diné and Chicana painter, muralist, and art educator, depicts Indigenous and Latin women in power in her work. This mural was completed during Chacon’s time as an artist in residence at Michigan State University's Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. Photo Courtesy: Jackie Hawthorne, MSU College of Social Science.

This month, we celebrate the “National Hispanic Heritage Month.” A month set aside to celebrate the history, cultures, and contributions of America citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.


Diversity Champion

Diversity Champion
Dr. Ignacio Acevedo-Polakovich

Dr. Ignacio Acevedo-Polakovich, associate professor of Psychology at MSU, has demonstrated a commitment to understanding and serving youth in Latina/o communities.

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Diversity Torch

Diversity Torch
Ana Rivera

Ana Rivera is a graduate student in Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences who is committed to improving urban environments through the use of geo-spatial science.

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Diversity Spotlight

Diversity Spotlight
Dr. Carlos Aleman

Dr. Carlos Aleman, Deputy Director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, works in community development and advocacy to champion economic equality, civic engagement, and social justice for Latino families in Alabama.

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Additional Resources

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  • Resources for the General Public - Fiction
    • Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street

    • Julia Alvarez, How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents

    • Esmeralda Santiago, When I was Puerto Rican

    • Junot Diaz, The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao

  • Historical Films and Documentaries
    • Latino Americans. PBS (2013)

    • Walkout. HBO (2016)

    • The Cuba Libre Story. Netflix (2015). 

    • East of Salinas. PBS (2015)

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  • Films and Television Series
    • Mi Familia/My Family (1995)

    • One Day at a Time (2017-2019, Netflix. 2020, Pop TV)