Prelaw Mentoring Program

The College of Law and College of Social Science are pleased to sponsor a Prelaw Mentoring Program partnering law student mentors with undergraduates at MSU. Program goals are to enhance the prelaw advising experience, including providing expert assistance in preparing law school applications, and to connect some of MSU’s most highly motivated students with the College of Law.  

The program welcomes applications from sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all majors within MSU. Applicants may just be starting to explore the possibility of attending law school or may already be committed to pursing a legal education. 

To apply, please complete the online application. Please note that each application must include a letter of recommendation, which will be requested electronically directly from the faculty member identified by each applicant in the online form.  All recommenders must be an MSU faculty member or other instructor of a course in which a final grade has already been received. Academic advisors are not appropriate for this purpose. 

All application materials (including the letter of recommendation) must be submitted online by August 23, 2019. Consider applying early so that faculty members will have time to submit their letters by the August 23rd deadline.

  • Program Overview
    • One-on-one mentoring of MSU undergraduates by students in the College of Law, who will be available to share their personal perspectives on the law school experience and offer advice on applying to law schools, preparing competitive applications, choosing law schools, and other related matters.

    • Special opportunities to attend seminars and other events specifically designed for mentees by the College of Law, including attending classes and several gatherings each semester for all participants in the program.

    • Opportunities in the College of Law and other sources for prelaw advising and assistance with applying to law schools, including campus events sponsored by the Office of Admissions and webinars with experts around the nation on topics such as taking the LSAT, writing effective personal statements, organizing successful applications, and career opportunities for those with the J.D. degree.

  • Specific Activities
    • An orientation for mentees at the start of the Fall semester

    • A meet-and-greet reception for mentors and mentees in early September and a variety of other organized events throughout the academic year.

    • Attending classes in the College of Law.

    • Events hosted by the College of Law, including webinars and Spartan Preview Day.

    • Messages from the Coordinator and College of Law highlighting opportunities across campus to learn more about law school and the legal profession.

    • A reception at the end of the academic year, including a certificate ceremony for those who successfully complete the program.

  • Mentee Responsibilities
    • Meeting with assigned mentors on an individual basis at least once each semester.

    • Attending all scheduled activities, including a mandatory orientation and the meet-and-greet reception in September, to the extent allowed by class schedules.

    • Responding promptly to communications from mentors and the Coordinator.

    • Always behaving with the highest levels of respect and professionalism with mentors and others associated with the program.

    • Being mindful of the time constraints of mentors, including their exam schedules and other deadlines.

    • Providing feedback when requested throughout the academic year so that the program can be evaluated and improved.



For more information, contact:

Professor Melinda Gann Hall