The Scholars Journey

The Scholars Program curriculum includes seminars, research projects, overseas study and internships that complement and enhance students' required courses. The program's academic advisor works closely with each Scholar to craft an educational plan specifically suited to their individual interests and goals.

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  • First-Year Students

    The first year of the Scholars Program is set up for Scholars to explore different academic areas, social issues and potential research subjects.

    First-year Scholars should expect to:


    Scholars attend bi-weekly seminars featuring many expert guest lecturers. Major concepts, themes and debates in the social sciences are introduced.


    Scholars begin to develop their research project ideas and are matched with faculty who have expertise in similar areas.


    Scholars are paired with a community mentor, a peer mentor and are provided with multiple opportunities to network with faculty, peers and alumni.


    Scholars take a month-long trip to the U.K. the summer after their first year in the program.

  • Second-Year Students

    During the second year of the Scholars Program, Scholars focus on completing their research project and preparing to secure an internship. Second-year Scholars should expect to:


    Scholars continue to attend bi-weekly seminars featuring many expert guest lecturers, diving even deeper into historical and current social and political issues.

    Publish & Present

    Scholars will complete their research project and prepare it for publication. Many Scholars also choose to present their research at UURAF.


    Scholars will continue to stay in contact with their community and peer mentors and attend a variety of networking opportunities and events.


    The summer after their second year, Scholars complete an internship matching their interests. Program leaders will help students secure and prepare for their internships.

  • Third-Year+ Scholars

    During their third year and beyond, Scholars focus on finishing their degrees, securing high-level internships and beginning their careers post-graduation. Scholars in their third year and beyond should expect to:


    Scholars will be well-established in their major area of study at this point and should be enrolling in high-level major and Honors courses.

    Stay Involved

    Scholars can stay involved in the program by attending events, helping to recruit, mentoring their younger peers and serving on the Leadership Council.


    Scholars will have a solid network of peers, mentors and professional acquaintances by now and should be working to expand it even further.


    Scholars should be applying for competitive, high-level internships and complete at least one more program before graduation. 

For more information, contact:

John Waller
Social Science Scholars Program
Berkey Hall

Jenn Arbogast
Academic Specialist
Social Science Scholars Program
Berkey Hall