Academic Hearings

The College of Social Science is a community of scholars dedicated to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct in research, teaching, outreach, and engagement by faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and academic staff. The College of Social Science Honor Code reflects these values. The academic hearing procedures of the College are designed to assure that those ideals are upheld for all members of our scholarly community when other efforts to resolve disputes have been exhausted. We ask that all parties to academic hearings conduct themselves in a manner that maintains the honor and integrity of the judicial process and advances the values of fairness, equity, and due process in the College.

The Academic Freedom for Students at Michigan State University (AFR) and the Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities (GSRR) documents establish the rights and responsibilities of MSU students and prescribe procedures for resolving charges of violations of those rights through formal grievance hearings. In accordance with the AFR and the GSRR, the College of Social Science has established the following College Hearing Board procedures for adjudicating academic grievances and complaints.

View the full Academic Hearing Procedures here.