2023 PURI Grant winners announced

November 6, 2023 - Emily Jodway

The 2023 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Initiative (PURI) grant awardees were recently announced, with 35 undergraduate Social Scientists and their faculty mentors receiving funding for 25 different research proposals. 

Each year, the Provost's office and the College of Social Science provide these funds to support undergraduates conducting research with MSU faculty. This financial assistance gives students the opportunity to conduct transformative research one-on-one or as part of a research team with graduate students, furthering the College’s goal of inclusion in research. Students work closely alongside faculty mentors to get involved in research at all levels, from learning critical research skills to developing and completing their own research projects with real world impacts. Often students see this research published in academic papers or journals, or receive the opportunity to present their findings at conferences such as the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF).

A few of this year’s research topics are listed below: 

  • A Meta-Ethnography of Gender-Based Violence Impacting Indigenous People
  • Exploring Human Milk Immune Specificity in Michigan Mothers: Start-Up Phase
  • Digital Cultural Heritage for Belize
  • An In-Depth Exploration on Gender Bias in Juvenile Delinquency Risk Assessment
  • Development of the Online Family-Mediated Intervention in Increasing Social/Communication Development in Children with Autism
  • Application of Sensor Technology to Aid Early Childhood Educators in Supporting the Interactions of Children with Disabilities
  • Gender and Informal Networks in the US Bureaucracy Responsible for the Economy: The US Federal Reserve, the Council of Economic Advisers and the Office of Management and Budget
  • How are Female Politicians Evaluated for Economic Outcomes?
  • The Role of Digital Connections in Long Term Care Homes’ Quality and Outcomes
  • Balancing Work and Family Care in the Aftermath of COVID-19: The Experiences of Women of Color and Immigrant Women in Detroit

To learn more about the PURI program and other scholarship opportunities within the College of Social Science, click here.