Centers, Institutes & Programs

The College addresses a wide range of problems of society in the modern world by producing new knowledge through basic and applied research. The effects of changes in land use; studies of how emerging societies develop; understanding American attitudes about education, environment, and health care policies; and studying issues of minority groups in the United States are some of the issues that social scientists examine. Faculty conduct individual research projects within their academic departments and schools as well as research centers and institutes.


Thematic Programs

The College of Social Science hosts thematic programs that foster research and education in cross-cutting subjects.

The Global Urban Studies Program (GUSP)

The Global Urban Studies Program (GUSP) is no longer accepting applications. If you are a current student of this program and have questions, please contact Carole Gibbs at


International Studies & Programs

The growth of Michigan State University’s international work can be tied to the development of the Office of International Studies and Programs (ISP). ISP is the hub for international research, teaching and outreach at MSU. Our social scientists, along with many other disciplines within MSU, are teaching and conducting research in each of these areas to transform the human experience.