Women's Leadership Institute

Gender Pay Equity

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) invites MSU students to submit to the gender pay equity scholarship.  For this scholarship, students will be asked to work as investigative journalists, exploring the issue of the gender pay gap.  To do this, students will record a *virtual* interview with one person they feel will provide insight on this issue and add to this conversation through lived experience, expertise as a champion in this fight, work as a current leader in the private sector, etc.  This is intended to be a dialogue that for both the participants and potential viewers will bring light to this issue and the complexity inherent in it, as well as highlighting a way forward for future generations.



September 9th & 10th Events

Thank you to all who attended our events on September 9 & 10. In case you were not able to attend here are the recordings from both:

Leadership, Equity, & Social Justice

Women on Leadership, Health, & Wellness

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