Through the generous support of WLI Executive Board members and MSU alumni, the WLI can provide practical support to our student leaders. Several of our annual scholarships are outlined below.


Loaiza-Souza Leadership Award - *WLI Cohort ONLY

The purpose of the Loaiza-Souza Leadership Award is to empower future women leaders to change the world. To this end, the donors are committed to building a culture that pulls women up to ensure that women receive the necessary support to be confident and achieve their highest potential.

  • Three (3) $1,000 scholarships awarded.


Ebert Family Leadership Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship is intended to encourage students who have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve these goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

  • Up to $4,000 in scholarships awarded.


Women’s Leadership Institute Experiential Learning Fund

This fund is intended to support undergraduate students looking to engage in experiential learning opportunities including but not limited to study away/abroad, conference attendance, or internship. Applicants were asked to write a short essay on how they plan to utilize their experiential learning experience to research and/or gain a deeper knowledge of women leaders and/or leadership equity for women. There are two options for students to consider and apply for (see below)

  • General experiential learning fund - up to $5,000 in scholarships awarded
  • Larsen-Becker DC Study Away Award - up to $5,000 in scholarships awarded


Scholarship Best Practices

Before Submitting 

Before you submit, thoroughly review the application, how you qualify, and the information and documents you will need to complete. 

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the terms/directions of the application. Do you know if and/or how you qualify? Can you complete the application and produce the required documents in the period provided?

Figure out when the application is due and work backward to create a timeline for completion. You will want to set a personal due date at least two to three days before the stated due date. This will allow time for editing and factor in time for submission errors due to technical problems.

Make sure you have plenty of time to complete, review, and apply on time.  Do you know the application due date? Do you have a plan for completion and submission?


Preparing the Submission 

Read and review the directions of the application submission process. It is your responsibility to understand the application's necessary components, complete it, and submit it.

When writing an essay or other content connected to the scholarship prompt, ensure that every paragraph has a purpose and advances the objective. In your submission, connect the ideas from one paragraph to the next and provide examples to amplify your point.

Draft all additional documents (e.g., personal statement, a summary of goals, a summary of research). Have you followed the directions outlined for these documents? Do you have ample time to edit? Have you had a third party read and review? Do these documents represent you as a professional?

Whether for a scholarship, job, or educational program, the application is your virtual introduction to the reviewers. As such, you must take the time to verify all of your information is accurate and complete. 

Double and triple-check your application for spelling and grammatical errors. Have you completed all fields? Are there any blank questions? Have you uploaded your revised documents (e.g., resume, personal statement)? 


When Awarded

All award recipients must acknowledge the hard work and generosity behind the scholarship/award.  This is not only a moment to thank the donor(s) but an opportunity to practice your professional writing skills.

Format all thank you letters professionally, remember you are writing as a professional, representing MSU, and most importantly, taking time to acknowledge the generosity of the donor(s). See general formatting tips below.

  • Double and triple-check the document for spelling and grammar errors. The final copy should be free from all errors.
  • Express your gratitude for the gift and enthusiasm for what the gift allows you to do or pursue.
  • Describe to the donor(s) who you are, what you are studying, and your future plans.
  • Sincerely reflect on what this gift means and how it helps your continued education.


Past Scholarship Winners

  • 2021 Future of Work and Leadership Scholarship

    Grand Prize Winner $1,500

    Megan Smejkal

    Political Science



    Honorable Mention $750

    Stephanie Segura-Guerrero




    Honorable Mention $500

    Alyssa Maturen

    Medical Neuroscience



    Honorable Mention $500

    Shewta Adsul



  • 2021 Empowering Stories Scholarship Winners

    Empowering Stories Scholarship Winners

    For this scholarship, students were asked to create a mock blog with an initial blog post that highlights an empowering story of leadership. This story could be something that they experienced on their leadership journey, something that they did to empower another female leader, or a story they have heard that provided strength and inspiration. The purpose behind the blog and this initial post is to empower women leaders.

    The winning submissions are listed below:

    Kate Harvey

    Political Science-Prelaw

    Kate Harvey WLI Blog

    Katie Denzin

    Actuarial Science

    Katie Denzin WLI Blog

    Kennedy Torain


    Kennedy Torain WLI Blog
  • 2020 Pay Equity Scholarship Winners

    Grand Prize Winner $3,000

    Shweta Rajendra Adsul




    Honorable Mention $1,000

    Erykah Benson

    Intr Studies in Social Science



    Honorable Mention $1,000

    Alexandra Ruster

    Human Resources and Labor Relations

  • 2020 Photo Essay Scholarship Winners

    Students were asked to pick one key theme (equity and anti-oppression or health and wellness) and tell a story with at least six visuals.

    The winning submissions are listed below:

    Danielle McClain

    Political Science-Prelaw

    Alexandra Ballinger


    Madyson Quick



    Natalie Kagole



  • 2020 Equity Scholarship Winners

    Equity Scholarship Winners

    The equity scholarship asked students to submit mock social media campaigns to raise awareness of racism and inequality and promote equity for women and their allies. The submissions were thoughtful, creative, and impactful ideas that ranged from community book readings, video journals, garden walks, educational programs for all ages and many more. 

    The winning submissions are listed below:

    Erykah Benson

    Intr Studies in Social Science


    Erykah Benson Submission

    Adison Hohwart


    Women’s ‘Root out Racism’ Community Garden Event

    Adison Hohwart

    Audriyana Jaber

    Lyman Briggs

    A Day in My Skin

    Audriyana Jaber

    Elizabeth Tanner

    Arts and Humanities

    Workplace Equity for BIPOC Women

    Elizabeth Tanner
  • 2020 Emerging Leaders Scholarship Winners

    Grand Prize Winner $1,200

    Brittany Newfer

    Human Development and Family Studies



    Second Place $700

    Gifty Owusu-Tawiah

    Political Science and International Development



    Honorable Mention $500

    Danielle McClain

    Political Science



    Honorable Mention $500

    Elisha Smith

    Human Development and Family Studies


  • 2019 Emerging Leaders Scholarship Winners

    2019 Scholarship Winners

    See the winning submissions from the 2019 Scholarship contest.

    2019 WINNERS