Dean's Blog: Welcome to the College of Social Science

August 29, 2018 - Dean Rachel Croson



Welcome to our new students, faculty and staff in the College of Social Science (CSS) and welcome to my new blog!  For those who are returning, welcome back. For those who have moved on to bigger and better challenges, it’s a great time to remember how you felt starting your MSU adventure.  For all, it is a time full of excitement and hope as we begin a new school year and the fall semester.

At Michigan State University and in the CSS, we have a renewed commitment to our students, not only to offer them the very best educational experience, but to also support, encourage and enrich their lives. The Spartan community is still struggling with our collective tragedy and crisis. I invite you to keep up to date on how we are all working to make a safer, healthier and more respectful campus here:  You will also find updates on the search for a new president (which includes input from CSS faculty, staff, students and alumni), resources for students and much more. You are welcome to contact me at any time with any concerns and/or questions:

I am proud that many of our social scientists are applying their unique knowledge and skills to help make these changes across campus. This is what we are all about, using our science to make the world a better place, as reflected in our new vision; Our science transforms the human experience and inspires leaders.  You’ll see this vision as an organizing theme of this blog, on our new t-shirt that displays pride in being a Social Scientist, and wherever the College is described.

This vision brings people together, and togetherness is at the core of our identity. Our faculty’s research, whether in social work or economics, geography or human development and family studies, is all focused on people. This is what unites us, and differentiates us from other Colleges on campus. Our teaching and outreach activities are aimed at transforming the experience of our students, and of our external partners. All our activities inspire current leaders, future leaders like our students, and academic leaders in our respective disciplines.  We bring together community members, alumni and friends on a regular basis to help us achieve these transformations.

The CSS graduates over 1500 students each year; more than any other College on campus. Our intellectual space spans across dozens of areas, including 12 Departments and Schools and 8 Centers/Institutes/Programs. I encourage you to check out our website,,  to learn more about us, and our new 5-year strategic plan.

My hope is that this blog will serve as vehicle to demonstrate to the world how our work transforms the human experience. I look forward to receiving suggestions for topics to cover, and to hearing your feedback and thoughts on what we are doing. Thank you to all our readers for your continued engagement with us and your help and support.


Sincerely yours,

Dean Rachel T.A. Croson