Social Scientist Gives Back to His Home of Pakistan

January 11, 2019

Fayyaz Hussain, Ph.D, Associate Professor in the Center for Integrative Studies and Alumnus of the Department of Sociology, in the College of Social Science at Michigan State University,  has donated $25,000 to his former school in rural Pakistan after a visit to the country last year.

Hussain discovered many classrooms were outside and could not be used during rainy days or in the winter. To help with this problem, Hussain contacted his friend and fellow former student of the school, Syed Abul Hasan Kazmi, M.D of Scotland to assist with the funding of the project.  As a result, the school now has four new indoor classrooms, which will accommodate about 300 students.

“Dr. Kazmi and I were raised in very poor families.  We both struggled before achieving financial stability.  We really enjoy reaching out and helping the needy and make a difference. I have taught to more than 50,000 students at MSU.  Each year I teach almost 2,000 students and I engage almost 25% of them in community service.   What we did for our school is based on that same spirit of community service,” said Hussain.

The project would not have been completed without the dedication and hard work of the school principal.  He monitored the entire project and supervised the contractor, and made sure there is no cheating and that the work is of very high quality. The funds were transferred gradually into a special account created for this purpose and controlled by the Principal.

In addition to the hard work and volunteer time of the principal and teachers of the school to make this project possible, the job was overseen by Rashiq Ahmer, who works as a Civil Engineer for the Government of Pakistan in Department of Archeology and is Hussain’s nephew.

Due to their generosity, Hussain and Kazmi were honored by the community with an elaborate inauguration ceremony.

“The ceremony was amazing. Red carpet, flowers, guard of honor, emotional speeches, warm welcome in each school room, and lot of hugs was priceless.  We can never forget this beautiful emotional ceremony. Our families were in attendance it was a great celebration for the people of this community” said Hussain.

Hussain’s plans for the school are not over.  He plans to do more work with the school in the future and hopes to establish a link between the school and MSU.

“We still have future plans to help this school.  The school does need computer labs and other technologies,” said Hussain.