“Finding Our Voice” Series Sparks Discussion on How to Best Help Survivors

January 18, 2019 - Liz Schondelmayer

On January 15, the College of Social Science co-sponsored the first event in the “Finding Our Voice: Sister Survivors Speak” series, which aims to help address the epidemic of sexual violence and help survivors heal from trauma.

The opening panel discussion took place at the MSU Museum. Entitled “Understanding Trauma: Scientific, Clinical, and Interpretive Perspectives on Sexual Violence,” the conversation included experts from MSU and the surrounding community and focused on the concept of trauma caused by sexual violence, how it affects survivors short and long-term, and how survivors can heal.

Amy Bonomi Ph.D., from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies was featured on the first panel and is hopeful for the change this series could spark.

“Over the long term, my hope is that this dialogue will be one of many that opens channels of understanding, compassion and care for survivors on our campus and worldwide.  We do this by first educating our campus community on best practices for understanding and communicating about sexual violence and trauma – derived directly from the evidence base and compendium of survivor experiences,” Bonomi explained.

“Through continued and committed dialogue and changes in practices, it is my hope that primary prevention occurs in a more effective fashion on our campus, meaning that we stop sexual violence from occurring in the first place.”

The “Finding Our Voice” series will continue throughout Spring 2019. The next event, “Understanding Consent: Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Sexuality and Sexual Violence,” will be held February 12 at 5:30 p.m. at the MSU Museum.

More information on the rest of the series can be found here.