MSU’s Matrix team part of development of KnowWhereGraph

May 31, 2022 - Anna Lionas

MSU’s research center, Matrix: Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences was instrumental in helping to design and implement the KnowWhereGraph, the world’s second largest knowledge graph that makes decision making and data analytics substantially more effective, accessible, and affordable.

 Dean Rehberger, Director of MSU Matrix Center for Digital Humanities and Social SciencesDean Rehberger, coPI on the project, said “this is a great project for Matrix. It   has allowed us to build tools that can really be helpful in the field during times   of disaster."

 The KnowWhereGraph is a geo-enriched information system that provides   area  briefings for any region on Earth. These briefings help answer questions   like: What is here? What happened before? How does it compare to other   regions or previous events? These questions will help with data collection and   increase users situational awareness of places they are researching. 

 The Matrix team working on the project includes Austin Truchan, Lead   Designer; Seila Gonzalez, Head of Software Development; Jeff Goeke-Smith, Head of Systems; and Anthony D'Onofrio, Lead Software Developer. Their work is reflected in the project’s faceted search, geoenrichment tool and on the main website.

 "Making billions of bits of data useful…requires a good partnership between software development and user interface design. This is a strength of Matrix, and we all worked well with the large KnowWhereGraph team." D'Onofrio explains.

 To learn more about KnowWhereGraph check out their website here

More information about MSU’s Matrix can be found on their website