Sociology Faculty Sarah Prior named director of the Bailey Scholars Program

November 28, 2022 - Karessa Weir

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources announced that Dr. Sarah Prior is the new program director of the Bailey Scholars.

Dr. Sarah PriorDr. Prior, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director in our Department of Sociology, is currently a Lily Fellow and was previously a Bailey Scholars Faculty Fellow (2020-2022) and an Adams Academy Fellow (2019-2020).

Additionally, Dr. Prior is Core Associated Faculty/Staff at the Center for Gender in Global Context.  A sociologist and justice studies scholar, her work focuses on gendered violence and gender inequity.  Sarah's current work investigates the institutional culpability in issues related to campus sexual violence.  Her work is interdisciplinary in nature and seeks to create social change at the personal, institutional, and societal levels.  As a teaching-scholar, Sarah focuses on strong and inclusive pedagogy.

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars Program (BSP) is an integrated learning and leadership community at Michigan State University (MSU). It was established to foster a diverse learning community where students grow with and from one another while practicing self-directed learning. The program is guided by a series of program principles focused on individual scholars, a collaborative learning community, and forward-focused radical influence.

The fellowship exposes faculty to a learning community focused on innovative teaching and learning practices. Faculty fellows will be part of a research learning community, where they conduct a team research project during the 2022-23 academic year. Faculty fellows are paired with graduate teaching fellows in the classroom where they learn about the pedagogy of a learning-centered organization. The fellowship also exposes graduate students to a learning community focused on innovative teaching and learning practices.