Diversity & Inclusion

At the College of Social Science, we believe that the quality of our academic programs, learning, and work environments, depends upon our capacity to uphold the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming college environment that celebrates a diversity of people, ideas, and perspectives.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Planning

The College of Social Science (SSC) has completed a strategic planning process to advance our goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), in alignment with Michigan State University’s mission to make DEI central to our excellence. Many students, faculty and staff participated in this collaborative process. The plan and several options for implementation will be shared with the incoming Dean, with the goal of initiating the plan in the Fall 2023 semester.


Carole Gibbs

Acting Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Carole Gibbs

Dr. Carole Gibbs is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. Her research interests include understanding street and elite crime from a systems perspective and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education.



Meet our Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Nwando Achebe

(on professional leave AY 2023)

Nwando Achebe is a multi- award-winning historian and teacher for the College of Social Science at Michigan State University. She is also the founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of West African History.



Dr. Nwando Achebe