Online Course Development

This document is designed as a starting point to help faculty think through the process of developing a successful online course. Faculty will want to use this document in combination with more detailed information provided on this site.

A well-considered, simple, and well-organized class with a confident instructor will help students succeed in an online environment. Choose tools and modalities that you can quickly become comfortable with.

Step by Step Worksheet (Word)


Navigating the Technology of Online Teaching

Navigating the Technology of Online Teaching is a self-paced course where you can learn the essential features of D2L's Brightspace (including the creation and management of quizzes and assignments). Learn also how to create, edit, and upload video to Mediaspace, then make that video accessible to students via D2L's Brightspace. Finally, learn how to schedule, access, and run your Zoom meetings directly from your D2L site. All lessons are in video format. Most are curated from the internet. Modelling "best practices," almost all videos are under 10 minutes long, though some are approximately 30 minutes long. The D2L page is designed to set an example of what can be accomplished within D2L's Brightspace.