College of Social Science Achievement Gala winners announced

June 1, 2021 - Liz Schondelmayer

Criminal Justice graduate student Alexandra Gormely, Psychology senior Caleb Inman and Economics senior Gregory Marchal have been announced as the 2021 winners of the College of Social Science Achievement Gala. 

The CSS Achievement Gala was founded in 2015 by former students Micaela Procopio and Leigh Rauk for the purpose of recognizing students who might not otherwise be acknowledged. The gala offers three awards: the humanitarian award, the outstanding leadership award, and the undergraduate research award. 



Caleb InmanHumanitarian Award Winner: Caleb Inman

The Humanitarian Award recognizes a student who provides support, aid and action designed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity on a local, national or global level. 

Winner Caleb Inman, who is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Leadership of Organizations on a pre-medical track, won the award due to his commitment to helping others in his community. A volunteer firefighter and EMT in his West Michigan hometown, Inman is dedicated to his role as a first responder as well as his role as a student. 

"It’s very humbling to receive such an award," Inman said. "A great majority of my life has been dedicated to aiding those around me especially in times of tragedy, and to be honored for such a thing is an amazing feeling." 



Gregory MarshallOutstanding Leadership Award Winner: Gregory Marchal

Winning the Outstanding Leadership Award is Truman scholar Gregory Marchal, a senior majoring in Economics with a minor in both Social Science Quantitative Data Analytics and Political Economy through the James Madison College.

Marchal has conducted research with MSU economists Dr. Lisa Cook and Dr. Antonio Doblas-Madrid, and hopes to someday work in the Federal Reserve to influence monetary policy to help alleviate racial inequality in America. He is a natural choice for the Outstanding Leadership Award, which celebrates students who demonstrate initiative and leadership towards their peers or within the community.

"Greg excels among the excellent. He is sharp, thorough and so articulate he makes communication look easy. Outside of class, he is a go-getter, a team builder and a team player," noted Dr. Doblas-Madrid, Associate Professor, MSU Economics.



Alexandra GormelyUndergraduate Research Award: Alexandra Gormely

Alexandra Gormely graduated in Spring 2021 as the Outstanding Senior for the School of Criminal Justice, and is currently enrolled in the MSU Law Enforcement Intelligence & Analysis graduate program. Gormely won the Undergraduate Research Award, which acknowledges students whose research demonstrates a drive and passion for furthering research in the social science field.

Gormely's research with her mentor, Dr. Sanja Kutnjak-Ivkovich, focuses on identifying trends in productivity among Criminology and Criminal Justice faculty within the nation's leading doctoral programs. She is also a research intern at MSU's Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP), where she studies ties between gangs, terrorist organizations, and the counterfeit market. 

"I am incredibly grateful and honored to have been chosen for this recognition by the College of Social Science," said Gormely. "I would like to especially thank my family, friends, faculty, and advisors for their unconditional support and encouragement throughout my undergraduate career."