Women's Leadership Institute accepting applications for 2023-24 Student Cohort

August 14, 2023 - Patti McDonald

Applications are now open for the 2023-2024 Women’s Leadership Institute Cohort Program. The WLI student cohort program will kick off its third year this fall. 

The cohort will focus on a practical curriculum making a specific connection to equity. The event calendar will span across the academic year and include at least four virtual cluster conversations (two in fall, two in spring), four in-person skill-building workshops (two in fall, two in spring), four virtual coffee hour sessions with the WLI executive board (two in fall, two in spring), a fall kick-off and a spring capstone event. 

The cohort’s curriculum is organized around three principles: tell, show, and do. This model provides the cohort members with education, practical application, and experience. Students get the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversations with experienced and successful women leaders from diverse backgrounds. They will also gain experience in building a professional network, have access to various mentoring opportunities with the WLI executive board and alumnae, and have the chance to be involved in a custom curriculum designed to provide encouragement and practical advice. There are also opportunities for research grants and exclusive scholarships. 

To be considered for the WLI cohort, a student must be an undergraduate currently enrolled at Michigan State University, in good academic standing, and complete the full student application. 

The cohort has seen exponential growth since its inaugural group of members in 2021-22, growing from a group of 15 students to over 40 in the span of a year. Leaders within the WLI sought to create a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to take part in the Institute in a more collaborative and involved way.   

Aubree Muethel, a senior studying microbiology, remarked on the invaluable opportunities she has received from joining the cohort. 

“The WLI Student Cohort Program has given me the chance to evaluate my future opportunities and hone in on where my passions lie through the valuable lessons and skills training,” she said. “Being a part of this program has expanded my network and allowed me to learn from successful women leaders, which proves important as we all navigate the next steps of our lives, whether entering the workforce or furthering our education.” 

Junior psychology student Srishti Gowda discussed the endless benefits she's experienced since joining the WLI cohort.  

“The program allows for students to make meaningful connections to cultivate a sense of community, belonging, and mentorship. It allows for woman of all backgrounds come together to build and inspire each other to make a difference in their community,” Gowda said. 

“New participants will not only gain professional experience but will gain new friends and connections to successful women; women that will do all they can to ensure that all women belong and are treated with dignity and respect.” 

The deadline to apply is September 8 by 5:00 p.m. Interested students can fill out an application here.