Women’s Leadership Institute announces new Experiential Learning scholarship fund

January 24, 2023 - Emily Jodway

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) at Michigan State and its director, Amanda Guinot Talbot, announced a new scholarship fund gifted by a Spartan alumna and WLI executive board member. The Women’s Leadership Institute Experiential Learning Fund was created with the help of Anita Khushalani, a 1987 graduate of MSU and a member of the WLI board since 2021. This new gift was devised with experiential learning opportunities in mind, specifically study abroad, study away or internship programs that will allow students to deepen their knowledge of the critical issues surrounding women’s leadership. 

"Learning outside of the classroom is a critical component of academic and professional development,” Khushalani said. “Indeed, many of us obtained our first jobs as a consequence of an internship or training outside of the classroom. This scholarship provides support to students engaged in these important experiences."

Khushalani received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and went on to earn a degree in law from American University. After spending ten years working in law, she pivoted to the human resources world, where she runs her own human relations consulting and training firm, Worth Workplace Training. Khushalani and Worth Workplace help small and midsize businesses and organizations cultivate equitable, inclusive work environments. 

Talbot hopes that this fund will serve to promote equity and expand opportunities for young women leaders with the help and support of the WLI. 

“The Women's Leadership Institute (WLI) has as its mission igniting women leaders with a vision of advancing leadership equity for women globally,” Talbot said. “To accomplish these goals, the WLI requires the help and support of women leaders, like Anita, who share that drive. Living out the mission and vision of the WLI, this fund will support student learning and help provide hands-on experience with leadership concepts.”

Khushalani has previously given back to the College of Social Science with the establishment of the Dr. Sarla Devidas Khushalani Memorial Scholarship in August 2021. The fund is named after her late mother, an inspiring former physician who supported Anita throughout her time at MSU. 

“Anita joined the WLI executive board in 2021 and in no time, began to demonstrate in word and deed her passion for supporting students, igniting leaders, and creating a global impact,” Talbot said. “She and the WLI firmly believe in the value of experiential learning as something that deepens the educational experience and aids in making the student’s time at MSU more well-rounded. Please join me in thanking Anita for making this gift possible.”

Learn more about Anita and her firm, Worth Workplace Training, here. More information on the WLI and ways to support can be found here.