Minority Politics

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Area leaders: Eric Gonzalez Juenke (Political Science), Nazita Lajevardi (Political Science), Ani Sarkissian (Political Science) and Joseph Cesario (Psychology)

In the fields of political science and psychology, understanding minority politics is instrumental in understanding any other aspect of the disciplines. Given this, the Minority Politics thematic area will leverage MSU's strengths in political science, psychology, gender and LGBTQ studies, criminal justice, Chicano/Latino studies, African-American and African studies, and Muslim studies to establish MSU and the College of Social Science as a national research leader in this field.

Minority Politics Online Seminar Series in American Politics, Comparative Politics, and Political Psychology

We are hosting a workshop on minority politics (inclusive of American politics, comparative politics, and political psychology) to meet on TUESDAYS at 9 am PST, 12p EST, and 6p CET.

We take a broad perspective on what kind of research falls within the scope of Minority Politics. Social scientists have long been involved in studying the ways that groups define themselves according to national origin, ethnicity, religion, race, caste, tribe, region, gender, and/or class markers. Thus, all of those who are interested in learning more about groups, defined alongside these dynamic lines, will find a home in this seminar series.

The fall 2022 schedule will be as follows:

Sept. 27: Justin Zimmerman

Oct. 4: Nejla Asimovic

Oct. 11: Gerald Higginbotham

Oct. 18: Hannah Ridge

Oct. 25: Balbir Singh

Nov. 1: Kesicia Dickinson

Nov. 8: Tosen Nwadei

Nov. 15: Lotem Halevy

Nov. 22: Tye Rush

Talks are at 9 am PST, 12p EST, and 6p CET. They are 1 hour long, with a 40-45 minute zoom presentation and a 15 minute question and answer session. To receive the Zoom link, sign up through our Google form below.