PAL Program

Secure your success with the Social Science PAL Program!

Students are not alone in your education. Social Science students are part of a community of learners. We offer study sessions that focus on select social science courses to help you succeed. These are not only for students who may be struggling, but these free resources are for all types of students who want extra support.

Benefits of the PAL Program:

  • Course assistance from our extensively trained Peer Assisted Learners or PALS: Students who have excelled at courses in the past, who offer expertise with group sessions or drop in tutoring
  • Group study sessions with peers
  • Drop-In Tutoring for individual help
  • Safe and comfortable environments to study

Students who plan to visit PAL Study Sessions and Drop-In Tutoring are encouraged to bring all relevant course materials, including syllabi, textbooks, assignments and lecture notes.

The PAL Program can assist with:

  • Exam preparation
  • Quiz preparation
  • Homework completion
  • Writing a paper (brainstorms, outlines, research statement, research guidance, etc.)
  • Working on a project
  • Better understanding concepts and topics presented in class
  • Gaining additional information about concepts and topics presented in class
  • And much more!


Spring Semester 2024 PAL Schedules 

Click on your course/professor below to see the schedule for your course.