Focal Areas

Community-engaged Research

The Great Lakes face many environmental challenges that threaten the ecological and economic health of this unique system. Of particular concern is the role of changing lake levels, storm events, and human disturbance. By gaining a better understanding of how these factors shape Great Lakes coastlines, we aim to determine how stakeholders can respond more effectively to these current and future challenges. 

Outreach and Education

Through outreach and education, we aim to promote an enhanced understanding by citizens of the Great Lakes region, particularly youth who are the next generation of decision-makers, of the dynamics and physical and socioeconomic impacts of living with our ever-changing coastlines.

Collaboration with Coastal Communities

By educating the public on the unique patterns of our Great Lakes shorelines and empowering communities to make data-driven management decisions, we aim to build a framework for science-supported decision-making that sustainably addresses pressing coastal hazard issues while enriching people's experience and appreciation of Great Lakes coasts.