UGS 110 - First Year Seminar

The College of Social Science offers several sections of UGS 110 for students who have declared a Social Science major. First-year seminars teach students important skills they need for success in college and help them integrate more smoothly into the college environment. UGS 110 teaches students essential skills such as success strategies and planning. This includes effective study skills, note-taking skills, time management, and organizing for learning. UGS 110 also introduces students to essential campus resources and university services and emphasizes a holistic approach to student success that focuses on academics, social engagement, and health and well-being. We pride ourselves on small classroom sizes that allow students to build relationships and promote a sense of belonging in our college and at MSU.

If you are interested in enrolling in UGS 110, talk with your advisor or contact us at to ensure you enroll in the right section!