Advisory Boards

The College of Social Science would not be what it is today without the guidance and support of our advisory board members.  These successful, influential and passionate professionals from around the world have truly transformed the Spartan experience.


Board of Visitors

Keith Hernandez
John and Pamela Miller
Michael Morrow
Dennis Liberson
Tony Pastor

David and Peggy Radelet
Doug Scott
Larry Sims
Christine Mason Soneral
Charles and Linda Thompson



Leadership Council Board

Jennifer Shimp
Felicia Wasson
Curtis Daniel

Bob Wuornos
Jon Lynch
Rondi Wightman



Social Science Scholars Advisory Board

Karen Schrock
Donna Bracher
Ed Koryzno

Charles Dobis
Patrick Grobbel
Mary Tavarozzi



The Berkey Hall Society

The College of Social Science is pleased to announce the formation of the Berkey Hall Society.

The mission of the Berkey Hall Society is to honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the MSU College of Social Science and to create opportunities for continued involvement with the college. The Berkey Hall Society has no membership dues or conditions of members.

If you have served on an alumni advisory board for any unit within the College of Social Science and have not been contacted about membership in the Berkey Hall Society, please contact us and allow us the opportunity to honor you along with other individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the College of Social Science through participation as an alumni board member in the college and/or one of our departments, schools, centers or institutes. Click here to review a list of all units within the college.

Benefits of the society will continue to develop as time moves forward. Current plans include:

  • Special recognition of members with a Berkey Hall Society lapel pin
  • Invitation to College Events
  • Special periodic programming on college research centers



Richard Ahti Alumni Association
Aimee Argel Leadership Council Alumni Association
Josh Bocks Geography
Donna Bracher Social Science Scholars Advisory Council
Thomas Brennan Criminal Justice
Mike Cousins Geography
Curtis Daniel Leadership Council
Charles Dobis Alumni Association Social Science Scholars Advisory Council
Eric Drummond Human Resources
Melissa Faustich Geography
Bill Fitzpatrick Human Resources
Paige Gebhardt Geography
Brett Gresch Geography
Patrick Grobbel Social Science Scholars Advisory Council
Colleen Haley Human Resources
Dennis Halverson Criminal Justice
Keith Hernandez Board of Visitors
Sarah Hession Geography
Wade Higgason Alumni Association
Joe Hollis Economics
Carolyn Jackson Women's Leadership Institute
Jacklyn Jackson Alumni Association
Joseph Jaksa Criminal Justice
Tiffany Jones Human Resources
Jessica Kingston Alumni Association
Ed Koryzno Social Science Scholars Advisory Council
George Krappmann Criminal Justice
Brandon Lambrix Geography
Michelle Lee Geography
Robert Lincoln Alumni Association
Gregory Lutz Alumni Association
Jon Lynch Alumni Association Leadership Council
Marlon Lynch Criminal Justice
Curtis Mack Board of Visitors
Lindsay Maki Geography

Christine Mason Soneral Women's Leadership Icon Alumni Association Board of Visitors
Jerry McGrath Human Resources
John Miller Economics Board of Visitors
Pam Miller Board of Visitors
Michael Morrow Alumni Association Board of Visitors
Beth Myers-Graham Geography
Nancy Oesch Criminal Justice
Tony Pastor Board of Visitors
David Radelet Board of Visitors
Peggy Radelet Board of Visitors
Garry Randall Human Resources
Shawn Rowley Criminal Justice
Traci Ruiz Criminal Justice
Barbara Sawyer-Koch Alumni Association
Bill Schmidt Alumni Association
Karen Schrock Social Science Scholars Advisory Council
Elizabeth Schweitzer Alumni Association
Doug Scott Board of Visitors
Allyn Shaw Alumni Association
Jennifer Shimp Alumni Association Leadership Council
Lawrence Sims Board of Visitors
Tom Sleeter Economics
Alan Sniadecki Human Resources
Paul Sparks Criminal Justice
Kevin Sutton Alumni Association
Michael Thompson Criminal Justice
Ann Tomlanovich Women's Leadership Institute
Dave Trebing Board of Visitors
Sherri Trice Alumni Association
Felicia Wasson Leadership Council
John Whitledge Economics
Rondi Wightman Leadership Council
Pat Wilkinson Human Resources
Bob Wuornos Leadership Council
Baily Wyant Human Resources


Board of Visitors Board of Visitors
Leadership Council Leadership Council
Social Science Scholars Advisory Council Social Science Scholars Advisory Board
Alumni Association Alumni Association
Women's Leadership Institute Women's Leadership Institute Executive Board
Criminal Justice School of Criminal Justice
Economics Department of Economics
Geography Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences
Human Resources School of Human Resources and Labor Relations

For more information, contact:

Alex Tripp
Senior Director of Development
College of Social Science

Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve the College of Social Science!