The Career Services Network at MSU is a seamless connection of career service professionals located in college-based and centralized career centers across campus.  A college-based Career Consultant can help connect you with students of certain majors and interests. If you are interested in connecting with social science students, you’ve come to the right place. Please read below to learn more or contact the Career Development Office at mayac@msu.edu. If you are looking for broader help, you may find what you need on the Career Services Network’s website. However, if you are unsure of the next step to take, you are welcome to contact Maya Craft at mayac@msu.edu.

  • Majors and Interests of Social Science Students

    A degree in a social science serves as an excellent foundation for a variety of professions in many areas such as business, nonprofits, government, law, and education. Accordingly, social science students possess a wide array of career interests and experiences. However, a commonality among MSU’s social science students is a concern for individuals and communities, understanding of societal systems and institutions, and curiosity about some of the most complex problems in the world.

    MSU’s College of Social Science provides Spartans with a large and diverse group of social science disciplines to major in. 

    • Anthropology
    • Chicano/Latino Studies 
    • Criminal Justice
    • Economics
    • Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences
    • Global and International Studies
    • History
    • Human Development and Family Studies
    • Human Capital and Society
    • Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Program Evaluation
    • Social Work
    • Sociology
    • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Skills of Social Science Students

    Some of the valuable skills that employers discover amongst social science students are written and oral communication, interpersonal and multicultural relations, leadership and teamwork, quantitative and qualitative research, and critical thinking. The following are more specific examples of the abilities common to graduates of the College of Social Science:

    • Possesses curiosity about and receptivity to new ideas and demonstrates creativity in ability to find innovative approaches to problems

    • Holds an empathetic, cross-cultural understanding of the world; an appreciation for different viewpoints; and an ability to productively and respectfully interact with diverse populations

    • Communicates concisely, effectively, clearly, and accurately with others orally and in writing using discipline-based vocabulary 

    • Listens and reads with comprehension and clarity with an ability to assimilate, evaluate, and present large amounts of complex information

    • Works independently, makes decisions, solves problems, manages time, develops plans, while anticipating and accommodating change

    • Collects, analyzes, and critically evaluates information to detect bias, propaganda, censorship, assumptions, and unreliable information

    • Formulates research questions; locates, interprets, and synthesizes relevant resources; collects and interprets data using qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis

    • Constructs and articulates reasoned arguments from diverse perspectives and frames of reference 

    • Leads teams, motivates others, and promotes ideas through an understanding how to influence human behavior to achieve common goals using diplomacy and negotiation

    • Appreciates the complexities and processes of change in society and its institutions

    • Utilizes analytical reading and thinking to explore complex patterns and evaluates issues

  • Post a Job/Internship for Spartans
    MSU uses an online career management system called Handshake to inform students about opportunities such as jobs and internships. The best way to market an opening at your organization is to post it on Handshake. If your organization is new to Handshake, please create an account. If you already have an account, you can begin posting opportunities. If you would like assistance, please contact Maya Craft at mayac@msu.edu.
  • Engage with Social Science Students

    There are many ways to engage with social science students at MSU. Opportunities include hosting info tables, doing mock interviews, participating in classroom activities, and partnering with clubs. If you are interested in discussing ways to connect with social science students, please contact Maya Craft at mayac@msu.edu

    Of course, employers can also meet students at career fairs. Every year, MSU hosts a variety of career fairs, many with a unique focus. Career fairs are typically open to all majors regardless of the event’s theme. However, naturally some fairs attract more students of certain majors depending on the fair’s focus. In general, large numbers of students from MSU’s College of Social Science attend the largest MSU fairs which are Career Days’ Business Exchange, Diversity Fair, Local Job and Internship Fair, and Summer Job and Internship Fair. Concentrations of social science majors can also be found at the Criminal Justice Career Fair, Psychology Service and Internship Fair, Geography Career Day and Job Fair, Finance Association Fair, Graduate and Law School Fair, and Nonprofit Career Expo. Employers can find and register for our career fairs on Handshake, our online career management system.

For more information, contact:

Maya Craft
Career Consultant
302 Berkey Hall


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