Career Advising

The Career Development Office works with students from their first-year on campus until they are ready to graduate. Students are most successful when they meet with us early and often. Schedule an appointment with a Career Consultant or Career Peer to develop a plan for career success.

The Career Development team will continue to offer career advising appointments via Zoom or Phone through the fall semester. Schedule your appointment through Handshake. We will also continue to offer Electronic Resume Reviews. Drop-in hours are not offered at this time. 

  • Advising Topics

    The Career Development Office staff can help you with a variety of career-related topics including:

    • Resume and Cover Letter Development

    • Major and Career Exploration

    • Interview Strategies

    • Part-time Job Search

    • Internship Search

    • Full-Time Job Search

    • Graduate and Professional School Applications

    • Personal Statements

    • Networking Tips

    • And more!

  • Drop-In Advising Hours
    Fall 2020 Drop-In Hours:
    We will not hold drop-in hours during Fall 2020. You can find available drop-in hours through the Career Services Network office here
  • How to Make an Appointment

    To schedule an appointment, login to your Handshake account and click "Career Center" in the upper right hand corner.

    • Select Appointments and then Schedule a New Appointment. 

    • Select "College of Social Science" to schedule an appointment with a member of our Social Science Team. Then select a topic you'd like to talk about.

    • Select a day and time that works well for your schedule, then add a note to let us know how we can help. You will be sent an email confirmation with a reminder of the day/time and the Zoom link and password for your appointment.

  • Electronic Resume Reviews

    Current College of Social Science students have the option of having their resume reviewed electronically by a trained Career Consultant or Career Peer Intern. Receive a response with feedback on your document within one week. Resume reviews are also available in person by scheduling an appointment through Handshake at Before submitting, make sure you review the resume pages in the Career Handbook below.



Move FOURward with Career Development

The Social Science Career Development team wants to help you succeed! Complete these four steps, log them on the Move FOURward form, and receive a free professional padfolio - it's that easy!

  1. Resume Review - Schedule an appointment, visit drop-in hours, attend a Resume Bootcamp, or submit through the Electronic Resume Review Service.

  2. Additional Appointment - Schedule an additional Career Advising appointment through Handshake on ANY TOPIC! This could be for a cover letter review, practice interview, grad school applications, etc.

  3. LinkedIn and Handshake - Create or update your profile on either platform.

  4. Attend an Event - Attend a Career Services event such as a Career Fair, Career Exposure Event, or Social Science Week Career Conversations. Find a full list of events on Handshake.

For questions or more information, contact Samantha Jackson at

Career Opportunities

Are you trying to decide on a major? Do you have a major but are wondering what career opportunities it presents? The following resources will give you an idea of the types of typical careers for our social science majors. It’s important to remember that major doesn’t equal career. While these are some of the paths social science majors take, it is important to develop skills that will help you be successful in any field. For more information on the 12 essential skills, visit the Get Experience section.

Get Experience - Job and Internship Search

Getting a degree and earning a good GPA does not guarantee getting a job. While your major plays an important role in providing you with discipline-specific knowledge, many employers will hire students from any major. So what gets you hired? Employers have identified 8 career competencies they are looking for in a new hire. Possessing these skills, and the ability to articulate your experiences and what you have learned, are essential to getting hired.

How do you gain these skills? While some can be gained in the classroom, it is important to get experience outside of the classroom as well. Experiences such as working part-time, doing an internship, participating in a student organization, getting involved in the community, or holding a leadership position can help you develop these skills.

  • Handshake

    Handshake is our online career management platform with thousands of job and internship postings. Using Handshake, you can search job (both part-time and full-time, on and off campus) and internship postings, find employer information, and find out about upcoming on-campus recruiting events, information sessions, and career fairs. Handshake is also where you will go to schedule a career advising appointment with a Career Consultant.


  • LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. Similar to other platforms like Facebook, you add others as “connections” to help build your network. Your LinkedIn profile is built with all of your professional experiences and achievements and can be seen as an extended version of your resume.

    • LinkedIn is a great play to stay updated on your connections careers, but it is also a great way to make new LinkedIn provides job and internship postings and employer pages to gain more insight on an organization. Similarly to Facebook, you can join groups to connect with others in related fields or who have similar interests. Get started in a group by joining Spartan Links which helps to connect students and alumni.

    • LinkedIn also offers information on Michigan State alumni. By searching for “Michigan State,” you can see “Alumni”. You can search the alumni database by location, employer name, type of work, or what they studied. Using the alumni database is a great way to make new connections and to reach out to fellow Spartans that are working for a company you’re interested in or doing the type of work you would like to learn more about. Click on an alumni’s profile and select “connect” and “add a note” to send them a quick message about what you would like to talk to them about. Spartans love helping fellow Spartans!


  • Americorps Programs
    • Americorps is a civil service program designed to help make an impact in our communities. There are a variety of Americorps programs throughout the country working in areas like disaster response, education, environmental stewardship, grant writing, and community engagement.

    • Americorps positions are paid and provide a small living stipend. After completion of service, members are also eligible for an education award that can be used towards future education or repayment of qualified student loans.

    • Michigan State runs an Americorps program, MSU College Advising Corps, which places MSU graduates in high schools across the state to empower students to achieve postsecondary education.


  • Online Job Search Tools

    In addition to Handshake and LinkedIn, there are a number of helpful job search websites available. Some of the most popular include:

    You can also search for job search resources by interest area on the Career Services Network website

  • For-Credit Internships

    All College of Social Science students are required to complete an experiential learning experience before graduation. One option for this experience is a for-credit internship. The Experiential Learning office offers credit for qualifying internships in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. For more information, visit the Experiential Learning page. 


Resources and Events

The Career Services Network provides a number of online resources and events every semester to assist you in your career development.

  • Handshake

    Handshake is our online career management platform with thousands of job and internship postings. Using Handshake, you can search job (both part-time and full-time, on and off campus) and internship postings, find employer information, and find out about upcoming on-campus recruiting events, information sessions, and career fairs. Handshake is also where you will go to schedule a career advising appointment with a Career Consultant.


  • Career Handbook

    Every year, the Career Services Network produces a Career Handbook with valuable information on a number of career development related topics including career and major exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing tips, and professional attire. You can find a PDF version online on the Career Services Network website or pick up a hard copy in the Career Services office in the Student Services Building Room 113.


  • Career Fairs

    The Career Services Network and various departments around campus host over 20 career fairs on campus every year. Career fairs are a great opportunity for students to meet with many employers all in one place. We host career fairs with opportunities for part-time jobs, internships, full-time jobs, and graduate/professional school. Attend a career fair to learn more about what’s available to you! Some of the most common career fairs Social Science students attend include:

    • Business - fall semester
    • Criminal Justice - spring semester
    • Psychology - spring semester
    • Geography - spring semester
    • Diversity - spring semester

    For a full list of career fairs, visit the CSN calendar below.


  • Career Exposure Events

    Have you ever wondered how you’re supposed to make a decision about what sort of career you want to pursue when you don’t know what’s out there? Career Exposure events will help you learn about various career fields by connecting you with alumni who are working in your areas of interest!

    A full list of Career Exposure events can be found on the CSN website and Handshake.

For more information, contact:

Amy Deitrickson
Field Career Consultant
College of Social Science
Samantha Jackson
Career Consultant
College of Social Science

Log in to Handshake and learn about the many resources available today.