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The Career Development team is always on the lookout for new opportunities to support Spartans with their career development. We would love an opportunity to spend time in your classroom with your students! 

  • Don’t Cancel Class!

    Do you plan to miss a class or two this semester due to conference attendance, an important meeting, vacation, etc.? If so, instead of cancelling class, please invite us to your classroom. This is a great chance for us to spend quality time discussing issues related to career development with students. We can focus on a topic of your choosing or suggest a career development issue that we expect your students may be concerned about such as career options, resumes and cover letters, networking, or interview skills.

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  • Request a Presentation

    Would you like to help your students progress in their career development? Too often, students are unaware of the Career Services Network's resources or wait until after they have graduated to seriously consider their professional future. Fortunately, you have the power to make sure your students are actively thinking about and planning for their careers. You can invite a member of the Career Development team into your classroom to speak. We can do anything from a quick promotional bit about available services to a thorough interview skills workshop followed by mock interviews with real employers. Typical topics are resumes and cover letters, exploring purpose, career options, internship and job search strategies, and interview skills. Please let us know what you have in mind or just ask us to provide ideas. We are very flexible!

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  • Update Your Course’s Career Development Content

    It is great when course instructors include career development topics in their curriculum. Too many students do not seriously think about their careers unless it is a requirement of an assignment in a course, so coursework that forces them to seriously think about their futures is particularly valuable. 

    Staff of the Career Services Network can help create or update instructors’ career development content! We welcome requests to meet with instructors to discuss current hiring practices. Let’s work together to help Spartans build strong, meaningful careers!

  • Providing Students with Opportunities to Connect with Alumni and Employers

    A strong, relevant professional network is a vital component of a Spartan’s career development journey. Unfortunately, many students are uneasy interacting with employers and alumni. This makes the activity of networking unnecessarily challenging for them. Instructors can help break the ice for students by inviting alumni and employers into your classroom. Just having alumni and employers present in the room can increase students’ comfort level during future interactions. 

    Employers and alumni can play the role of student and participate in class activities, join in during small group discussions, and be in the audience while students give presentations. They don’t always need to be guest speakers who steal the lectern and dominate the class! A short introduction at the beginning of class may be all that is needed. Then, business as usual - but with the added benefit of helping students get comfortable with professionals! 

    If you are interested, let us know! The Career Development Office can do the coordination for you! Email Maya Craft at mayac@msu.edu.

For more information, contact:

Maya Craft
Career Consultant
302 Berkey Hall


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