Alex Tripp

Director of Development

Alexandra is the Senior Director of Development for the College of Social Science. Alex is no stranger to the fundraising world. She enjoys aligning people’s passion with opportunities that make a win-win situation for both the donor and students. Her educational and career path have undoubtedly played a huge role in shaping her leadership abilities for the largest college of Michigan State University. She has served previously as Assistant Director of Development and Associate Director.

Alex continues to manage several signatory philanthropies, mentoring, and educational priorities for the college, including but not limited to, the Fostering Academic Mentoring Excellence, InnovateGov, Jim Blanchard Public Service Forum, the Women Leadership Institute, as well as her portfolio, that contains over 150 major gift prospects and counting.

She has also made her tour in both the political and non-profit arena, where she worked with the Michigan House Democratic Fund, Sloan-Hunter Group, and the Crim Fitness Foundation. Alex obtained her Bachelors in Communications from Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia.