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  • Syllabi
  • Video

    How to use Zoom to record lectures/ppt lectures, the files produced, how to upload video and audio files to D2L

    How to record videos using Zoom (ppt)

  • Assessment

    For designing an online assessment (e.g., quiz, exam) in D2L:

  • Method

    Rich Steadman

    "I've taken my 200 student course remote, and what I've heard consistently from students is that--more than any other techniques/workshops/etc--is the need for the instructor to really be present--lecture in real time, take Qs in real time, hold real office hours via zoom, etc. This seems to be what the students are really craving. It has been a ton of work, but it has gone better than I would have expected."


    Tom Beckley 

    "I had the same experience. Live online lecturing was kind of brutal - very hard to get much interaction going as would happen in a normal classroom, but our student advisor said that I and a couple of my colleagues received the highest marks from students for trying to create as normal an environment as possible. I think we need to work on establishing new norms and modes to stimulate student interaction. I normally have student led discussions where students are selected at random to discuss readings (therefore they all need to prepare as though they will be leader). Interaction and participation was great for those sessions, so I know they CAN do it." 

  • Content

    Adam Zwickle

    "If you find relevant podcasts, those have always been a big hit in my online classes. I was hesitant at first, but students consistently say they appreciate mixing up the mediums."
  • Technology


    1. Zoom can share your powerpoint (hit the "Share" button at the bottom of screen) for you to give a lecture (talking over the powerpoint);

    2. Zoom can let students participate and ask questions (and even give their own presentations);

    3. Zoom can allow students to do group work in "Breakout Rooms" or ask questions of you that don't go to the whole class in "Chat." Be sure to pose a specific question or set of questions to be discussed in the breakout room, and ask that one student report back to the main group, either orally or in the large group chat.

    4. You can use Zoom to record yourself and your presentation to be shared with students later via an upload to Media Space or D2L.

    Additional information using zoom:

  • Student Engagement of Material

    Rely on discussion boards to encourage and facilitate student engagement and interaction. Consider a community agreement on forum participation.



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