Strategic Initiatives

At the Intersections of Problematic Policing, Racial Injustice and Safety in Communities of Color

Ongoing acts of violence, including aggressive policing, and distrust of the police and the criminal justice system in minoritized communities in Michigan and beyond underscore the significant need for new interventions that seek to mitigate the underlying environmental, social and institutional contexts in order to promote safety. The College of Social Science invites applications for competitive interdisciplinary strategic partnership grant (SPG) proposals that focus on the design and/or evaluation of interventions aimed at curbing violence found at the intersections of policing, racial injustice, and safety in communities of color in Michigan. These awards should ultimately result in the development and/or assessment of promising new initiatives in key areas of research, scholarship and interdisciplinary collaborations aimed at eliminating problematic policing, fostering racial justice, and enhancing safety and well-being in communities of color.

We anticipate awarding 5-6 grant awards of up to $25,000 each with required 20% matching funds from participating units and/or colleges.



This SPG program is open to interdisciplinary teams comprised of:

  • Full time tenured and tenure-track faculty with at least one member of the team from the College of Social Science

  • Faculty with uninterrupted, multiyear, fixed term appointments with at least one member of the team from the College of Social Science

  • Academic specialists in the continuing appointment systems who have majority of effort in the research category within the College of Social Science


Proposal Requirements

Upload using link on Application Form by 5:00 p.m. on October 31, 2022Please compile and submit as a single PDF the following materials:

  1. Completed application.

  2. Project narrative (2 page maximum); must clearly articulate methods, offer a concise statement of expected outcomes and clearly articulate how the proposed research and scholarly work will contribute to knowledge and practice at the intersections of policing, racial injustice and community safety in minoritized communities.

  3. Proposed detailed budget (spreadsheet) and budget justification

  4. Unit letter(s) of support from the applicants’ dean(s) or department chair(s) committing to a minimum of 20% ($5,000 total) matching funds.
  5. Current researcher biosketches or CVs.

  6. Reference list for proposal narrative.

  7. Other documents as applicable.



Awardees will be selected by an interdisciplinary review panel and will be notified by Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Instructions for accessing funds will be provided at the time of notification. Funds may be used for expenses related to the project as submitted, consistent with University Policy and Procedures, but may not be used for faculty salaries. A brief narrative and financial report is required within 12 months of the award date describing outcomes and plans for follow-up.




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