Social Science Scholars Program

The Social Science Scholars Program provides the College of Social Science’s ablest and most ambitious students with a remarkable range of experiences and opportunities. The program is designed for students who are deeply interested in current issues, have a thirst for knowledge, and wish to make a positive difference in the world. They graduate with the skills, education and maturity that set them apart from the overwhelming majority of their peers and well-prepared for high-profile careers and advanced degree programs. 

The Scholars have exclusive access to many benefits here at MSU, including:

  • Small group engagement. Scholars learn with alongside a small group of students with diverse perspectives but a similar drive to learn.

  • Mentors. Highly successful faculty and alumni serve as mentors to the Scholars. Upperclassmen Scholars also have the opportunity to act as peer mentors for younger cohorts.

  • Internships. Scholars are set up to secure prestigious internships across the country. 

  • Student community. Scholars are a highly select and close-knit student community that shares a passion for social and political issues.

  • Study Abroad. Scholars spend a month learning and researching in the U.K after their first year in the program. 

  • Research publication. Scholars have a unique opportunity to co-author a book chapter.

  • Service Learning. Scholars engage in service-focused, community-based learning opportunities.

  • Scholarships. Scholars can receive scholarships assigned based on ability and financial need, courtesy of generous MSU alumni. 

  • Professional network. Scholars build strong professional connections through off-campus study, networking opportunities and internship programs.


Why do Students, Faculty and Alumni Love the Scholars Program?

Watch the videos below to hear it in their own words. 







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For more information, contact:

John Waller
Social Science Scholars Program
Berkey Hall

Jenn Arbogast
Academic Specialist
Social Science Scholars Program
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