Women’s History Month 2024

Taylor Hughes-Barrow (second from left) poses with her project partners and their exhibit “Hidden Heroes: Women of the War” at the MSU Digital Scholarships Lab.


This month, we celebrate 'Women’s History Month', which recognizes the accomplishments of women throughout history and their important advancements to society.


Diversity Champion

Diversity Champion
Dr. Lisa Fine

A professor of history, Dr. Lisa Fine has spent over 30 years at Michigan State working to advance opportunities for all students across campus, but has particularly made immeasurable strides in making the university a safer and more inclusive place for gender minorities. She co-founded the Center for Gender in Global Context and revived the Women’s Studies major, both of which brought to the forefront gender and women’s issues through a global lens.

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Diversity Torch

Diversity Torch
Taylor Hughes-Barrow

Taylor Hughes-Barrow is a senior majoring in human development and family studies. In addition to being an undergraduate representative on the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, she focuses much of her research on finding ways to make campus a more accessible and inclusive environment for minoritized student groups. She is also a part of the Women’s Leadership Institute Student Cohort and is passionate about affording women of color the space to speak their minds and support one another.

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Diversity Spotlight

Diversity Spotlight
Dr. Barbara Lowrey

Born and raised in East Lansing and inspired throughout her youth by her educator parents, Barbara Lowrey made the decision to pursue a career in economics all the way through to a doctoral degree, becoming the first woman at Michigan State to receive a PhD from the department. Lowrey spent several decades in America’s political epicenter working at the Federal Reserve Board, breaking barriers and setting new standards for women along her way.

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  • Films and Documentaries
    • The Life and Times of Sara Baartman: “The Hottentot Venus”
    • The Return of Sara Baartman
    • Pray the Devil Back to Hell
    • Flame
    • RBG
    • Hidden Figures
    • Chisholm ’72: Unbought and Unbossed
    • Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin